Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Sloth

Well, this summer so far has been quite the antithesis of where I had envisioned. I am taking a break from a lot of things which were a major part of my life even three months ago; band, job, school, et cetera. I barely hold any responsibility right now, I work very little, produce even less, wake up later, have fewer projects I am working on, and yet I still feel like I don't have the time of day. Not that it's all bad. I have relished the free time that I have had and not playing music every weekend is pretty relaxing. I got into school for the fall which I am very pleased with, but is envoking quite a bit of stress seeing as how I really have no way to pay for it. I am starting to really understand the magnitude of some of the dumb desicisions I have made over the past few years and trying to get up the nerve to do something with my life that might require a little effort. I have more often than not given myself excuses for the mistakes I've made rather than put in the effort to correct my set backs. So, after this summer... a new leaf (notice how I'm putting this off too). Ugghhh FML. This post is making me pissed at myself.

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