Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Sloth

Well, this summer so far has been quite the antithesis of where I had envisioned. I am taking a break from a lot of things which were a major part of my life even three months ago; band, job, school, et cetera. I barely hold any responsibility right now, I work very little, produce even less, wake up later, have fewer projects I am working on, and yet I still feel like I don't have the time of day. Not that it's all bad. I have relished the free time that I have had and not playing music every weekend is pretty relaxing. I got into school for the fall which I am very pleased with, but is envoking quite a bit of stress seeing as how I really have no way to pay for it. I am starting to really understand the magnitude of some of the dumb desicisions I have made over the past few years and trying to get up the nerve to do something with my life that might require a little effort. I have more often than not given myself excuses for the mistakes I've made rather than put in the effort to correct my set backs. So, after this summer... a new leaf (notice how I'm putting this off too). Ugghhh FML. This post is making me pissed at myself.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

care free

I was driving by those shitty apartments by checkers in Palmetto and there was a kid rolling down the slight slope of grass on his side. He was loving life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I love that peole from Europe love to converse. Maybe it's just because I am in a coffee shop atmosphere, but whenever foreigners come in they seem to want to genuinly talk, and not just about small things; they will talk in depth about real topics. I had a conversation with a Czech today about his time in the French legion, apparently he was a French mercenary in the Congo and for a brief period in yugoslavia.
He showed me a huge scar he had on his head from some wound he had recieved during service and he told me that war is bad no matter what. It was interesting because a table national guard members were eating right behind him, and he continued to comment on their naivety. He talked politics and the nature of the Palestinian conflict ( with only a hint of slovokian anti-semitism) without worrying whose toes he might be stepping on. I found it incredibly refreshing. In America, there is such an imbattled political climate where if you say something that someone objects to, you cannot even carry on discussion because the ideologies are so defined. But I guess when you are able to look at a country from the outside you don't necessarily have the emotional ties that someone from that nation has. I wish none of us had beliefs.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the only part I like

You look beautiful like the early morning.
The Sun breaking through the horizon
Just bursting from the Earth's abdomen
Large and bulbous,
Curvaceous Orange.
The once level, straight, and board-like skyline
Now, Shapely,
You glow,
Just like the Sun.
Your cheeks blush.

Monday, February 9, 2009

People often say, "Everything happens for a reason," and I think this is so untrue. There is no such thing as fate and God's master plan doesn't include your insignificant hardship. He's got bigger fish to fry.

What is true, is that the human spirit is capable of enduring anything. It irritates me to no end when people give more strength and power to some supernatural invisible force than they allow themselves to have. You are in control of your life.

Everything does NOT happen for a reason.

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Just because everything seems better, it doesn't mean you can sit back on your haunches

I noticed that last week, I ran out out of energy. I've been going pretty much full force since the first of the year, in order to meet some goals I've set for myself and unfortunatly, it started to overwhelm me. I had been staying out too late, not waking up early enough, neglecting small housekeeping duties, adding on responsibilties, and to tell you the truth, I'm stressing out because Ive been writing checks without cashing them.

Yesterday was the worst day I had in a long time. You can sometimes get lazy in your friendships as well as in any other facet of life, and I definitly dropped the ball. Life takes constant upkeep and I am truly happy that my friend had the strength to be forward in confronting my malfiesance and the grace to forgive it.

My goal is to get more rest and be more determined this year, because I am not where I want to be as of yet. I plan on working harder. It's time to get back to the old dry erase board.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I need to be a better friend to my friends. Period.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

O' Apollo

I usually hate reading people's posted song lyrics with out listening to them at the same time, but what the fuck, I'll write these down 'cause I'm bored. We will be playing this song on the radio tonight and maybe afterword I'll post that recording.

Pouting Lips

Don't stick your lip out,
You know I can't resist.
I see icesicle lights reflecting,
In your irises.
The night is over
Before it can begin,
And no pouting lips,
Can change the way the earth spins.

Well, girl I know
Who you love;
Who it is your thinkin' of,
But you don't know
That you're that one
For me.

Apollo, won't you ride the sky with me?
We'll tour the world over,
Yea, well dive into the sea.
My lover, won't you rest your troubled head?
Confide in me your worries
And I'll put them all to bed.

With you skin so soft in the morning,
And the way the light brushes against the carpet,

I graze your legs with fingertips,
And touch you gently
With my lips,
But your eyelids don't open.

Don't stick your lip out
You know I can't resist
I see icesicle lights reflecting
In your irises.
Bite it with your teeth
Hide it far away from me
'cause you know that I'll
Be too inclined to kiss it.

Repeat prechorus + chorus

<3so on and so forth
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, the other day in my post about the guy who left his mcc card as collateral, I mentioned a man by the name of Roger who was using the computer. That was the first time I had met the man. He was probably in his late fifties and didn't necessarily have and memorable physical features about tell you the truth I don't know if I'd recognize him today if he came back in. But he was a bit short with me when he wanted to use the computer. I allowed him the opportunity, though with quite a bit of malice ( I was in the middle of writing my Hal story and I didn't want to lose my momentum). He then stayed on it for at least an hour and a half, and by that time I didn't even want to finish the damn post.
Well, little did I know that Mike the cop's wife had been in the coffeeshop earlier in the week when Roger had been there. She said he had been on the computer for a long time, and every once in a while would get up and adjust himself or go to the bathroom. He eventually left, and she went over to the computer to check her email, and she saw that he had left his gmail account logged in. When she glanced over the open window (which very well could just have been blatant snooping), she saw what appeared to be a very ribald cybersex covesation. Upon deeper investigation, she concluded that roger's vulger missives were between himself and what she says.... Was a young boy or several young boys. I'm not really sure if the story is true or if it's even the same Roger, but it sure does make me curious.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

True Blue in My Book

This gentleman, Exhibitor Number 100303, Michael Ameres, proudly recieved a blue ribbon at the Manatee County Fair this year for a delectable Greek dish know as Moussaka. Out of many worthy competitors, Mr. Ameres took the blue first place ribbon in Division 43 for his ground beef and eggplant entre which judges noted, was "worthy of the gods".

I say Congratulation Mr. Ameres! May your culinary pursuits continue to be fruitful!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hal walks in last week with his briefcase like always. He is slightly bowlegged and definitely overweight, and you get the sense that he trusts his right leg a little more when he walks because when he limps in the building he takes his time and pivots on the right side.

He has come to get breakfast this morning, but upon seeing me behind the counter he exclaims, "Oh... it's you!" and quickly waddles out the back door in a way that made another customer ask if we are enemies.

I tell him, "No." (though I secretly do harbor many bad feelings for Hal.) "He just forgot to bring me something."

Last week, Hal decided to get in a discussion with me about the legitimacy of the citizenship of our just inaugurated President. It went something along the lines of "You know they say his birth certificate is a forge, right?" The way he says it with a curt smile from underneath his salt and pepper mustache, makes his googly eyes seem to bulge out even more. "They say he used a copy of his sister's and photoshopped his information in there."

He obviously is fishing to see which side of the fence I am on. As I begin to roll my eyes and sigh unconsciously, which opened the floodgate to more ramblings.

"Yea, I just wanted to come over and see if he held his hand over his heart while they sang the national anthem. You know he never says the pledge of allegiance?"

"That's not really true." I say, "I don't think it's any one's business to question the way another person displays his or her patriotism," I come back maybe a little too quickly. The type of quickly that lets someone know you're on the defense. Now he knows he's got something on the line. He can tell by the few words I said that I am a flaming liberal.

"Ahhh...I just find it interesting that the 'supposed' President of the United States isn't even an American citizen." He replies in snidely Michiganese accent. I sigh again thinking to myself how many emails, blogs, and conversations I have had to endure about this very issue (and may I say that it's a non-issue).

Anyway, the restaurant is pretty full and I don't have the energy on this day to have this particular conversation.

"This is a stupid argument and it is baseless, you can't believe every email that gets sent to you, you know."

"Oh no, I got all my information from a documented report. It's sourced and everything I'll bring it in for you sometime."

"Great...I'd love to read it. I think those are the funniest lies," I said

"All right, I'll bring it in next time I come in." His googly eyes pop out with delight at the thought of proving his trivial, fact less point.

So, when Hal waddles back in to Java, he is carrying a printed out report at least an inch thick along with a shit-eating grin on his face. He gives me the printout with such pleasure that you would think he was about to go into one of his diabetic comas (oh, he is an awful diabetic by the way. I'll go into that more in the future). I look it over and shoot the shit with him a little, because he likes to try and russle my feathers, and I happen to like the same. It turns out that the article is "very well sourced". The satisfying part is that all the sources are conservative blogs. Over two hundred different quoted blogs and honestly, no more than ten newspaper article. It was the saddest attempt at citing a work I have ever seen. I didn't expect anything less from Hal.

I forget

How can I have feelings for someone if I can't even tell you their eye color.

To tell you the truth, I can't remember any of my closest friends' eye colors.

Mine are blue for future reference.

Mood: selfish

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Friday, January 30, 2009


It's been about 2 hours and he has come back for that card yet. I wonder what he was selling at that pawnshop.

Oh check out this piece of broken asphault I found in the popi's parking lot. Pretty triumphant huh?

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I'm trying to post from my phone to see if it's worth a damn. I'm coming to the conclusion that it is not, because I can't see all the words I've written on this small screen. I plan on posting a short story about Hal later, by this old guys Roger is on the computer watching YouTube videos or some shit.

I can see now that this is going to be something I'm going to like. There is a weirdo that I went to middle school with who came in to get a cup of coffee but couldn't pay until he went to the pawn shop at 9. I think that since he poured himself the cup of "joe" as he called it, he has smoked an entire pack of cigarettes outside. There is something very heinous to me about smoking before breakfast. He just left for the pawn shop, but started a tab using his MCC student ID as collateral. I don't even know what to think about people like him.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Introduction to people

I'd like to start out this account by saying that on and
off I will be going into detail regarding a few
characters, which I deem worthy of discussion. Several
people that I have met through the coffee that... just about everyone I have met
in the coffee shop, have been a living characiture of
what should be a normal person. Maybe it's the monotony
that comes along with standing behind this bar all day,
but on exhaustive amount of these people contain such
colorful personalities, to the point, at times, of
becoming ostentatiously garish. I plan to take much time
in describing them as I feel it is necessary to document
these characters which, embellished or not( not for the most
part), do become very important to me while I'm housed
within this building. I find now that these people
become my best friends when I am behind the bar, even
though I begin to hate many of them.

I hope that though my accounts may lean toward the negative side for many entries, my intentions with said characters are at heart, good.

These people will not be the only subject matter contained within these pixel. I just figured It would be an interesting venture to attempt from time to time.

Test Pattern

Test Pattern. 1. 2.

Test Pattern. 1. 2.