Monday, February 9, 2009

Just because everything seems better, it doesn't mean you can sit back on your haunches

I noticed that last week, I ran out out of energy. I've been going pretty much full force since the first of the year, in order to meet some goals I've set for myself and unfortunatly, it started to overwhelm me. I had been staying out too late, not waking up early enough, neglecting small housekeeping duties, adding on responsibilties, and to tell you the truth, I'm stressing out because Ive been writing checks without cashing them.

Yesterday was the worst day I had in a long time. You can sometimes get lazy in your friendships as well as in any other facet of life, and I definitly dropped the ball. Life takes constant upkeep and I am truly happy that my friend had the strength to be forward in confronting my malfiesance and the grace to forgive it.

My goal is to get more rest and be more determined this year, because I am not where I want to be as of yet. I plan on working harder. It's time to get back to the old dry erase board.

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