Thursday, January 29, 2009

Introduction to people

I'd like to start out this account by saying that on and
off I will be going into detail regarding a few
characters, which I deem worthy of discussion. Several
people that I have met through the coffee that... just about everyone I have met
in the coffee shop, have been a living characiture of
what should be a normal person. Maybe it's the monotony
that comes along with standing behind this bar all day,
but on exhaustive amount of these people contain such
colorful personalities, to the point, at times, of
becoming ostentatiously garish. I plan to take much time
in describing them as I feel it is necessary to document
these characters which, embellished or not( not for the most
part), do become very important to me while I'm housed
within this building. I find now that these people
become my best friends when I am behind the bar, even
though I begin to hate many of them.

I hope that though my accounts may lean toward the negative side for many entries, my intentions with said characters are at heart, good.

These people will not be the only subject matter contained within these pixel. I just figured It would be an interesting venture to attempt from time to time.