Thursday, February 5, 2009

O' Apollo

I usually hate reading people's posted song lyrics with out listening to them at the same time, but what the fuck, I'll write these down 'cause I'm bored. We will be playing this song on the radio tonight and maybe afterword I'll post that recording.

Pouting Lips

Don't stick your lip out,
You know I can't resist.
I see icesicle lights reflecting,
In your irises.
The night is over
Before it can begin,
And no pouting lips,
Can change the way the earth spins.

Well, girl I know
Who you love;
Who it is your thinkin' of,
But you don't know
That you're that one
For me.

Apollo, won't you ride the sky with me?
We'll tour the world over,
Yea, well dive into the sea.
My lover, won't you rest your troubled head?
Confide in me your worries
And I'll put them all to bed.

With you skin so soft in the morning,
And the way the light brushes against the carpet,

I graze your legs with fingertips,
And touch you gently
With my lips,
But your eyelids don't open.

Don't stick your lip out
You know I can't resist
I see icesicle lights reflecting
In your irises.
Bite it with your teeth
Hide it far away from me
'cause you know that I'll
Be too inclined to kiss it.

Repeat prechorus + chorus

<3so on and so forth
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  1. I'm intrigued to hear it.

  2. wordsmithing protege! Wordsmithing = higher art form than blacksmithing and just as exhausting. kudos, dude.